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The Benefits of Biotin Explained

Medically reviewed by Dr Knut Moe,
Sons Medical Director

"In my experience, the treatments on offer with Sons include the most effective medical treaments available to treat male pattern hair loss."

18 March 2022
1-minute read

The Benefits of Biotin Explained 

Renowned for its ability to enhance the health of your hair, Biotin boosts the structure of keratin, which is an essential protein found within the human body. Given that it plays a vital role in our Non-prescription Treatment Plan, we explain how Biotin is good for your hair below. 

Help for your hair

Regularly taking a Biotin supplement has been shown to positively impact your hair's overall structure. This is primarily because Biotin supports the production of keratin, which is a protein that is pivotal in the structure of your hair. As such, there has been a link uncovered between Biotin supplements and the general health of your hair. 

What's more, studies have shown that Biotin consumption can improve the volume, coverage, and thickness of your hair. Although Biotin has not yet been scientifically proven to treat male pattern baldness, it could still help to enhance the hair that is currently on your head. When used alongside medications in our treatment plans, you may start to see a thicker head of hair with signs of regrowth.

Improved nail and skin health 

Anyone who experiences Biotin deficiency is likely to suffer from skin rashes and brittle nails as a result. Regularly supplementing your diet with Biotin can alleviate these symptoms and it has been recognised for having a positive impact on the overall health of nails and skin, particularly for people who initially had a deficiency. 

While Biotin doesn’t directly reverse male pattern hair loss, it could help to improve the quality and structure of the unaffected hair on your head. If you're hoping to combat hair loss and are encouraged by how Biotin is good for your hair, browse through our available treatment plans and begin your consultation with Sons today.