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Oral supplement Biotin

What is it?

Biotin (also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H) is a water-soluble vitamin that may promote healthy and stronger hair. 

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  • Men with hair loss have been highlighted to have biotin deficiency. Increasing biotin levels in hair may reduce hair loss

  • Biotin is a supplement suitable for all men.

  • A 2015 clinical study showed that biotin oral supplementation can improve hair growth. Biotin is believed to be effective in patients with deficient levels of hair loss

  • You should see improvements such as reduced hair loss or hair regrowth after 3-6 months. Optimal clinical improvements appear after one to two years of consistent treatment.

  • Clinical evidence shows that biotin may improve your hair, nails and skin. In order to get best results, biotin should be taken as part of your tailored Sons pack.

  • No but we do recommend that all patients take photos of their hair prior to start treatment and at key time points such as 3,6,12,18 and 24 months so you can track your progress.