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Next generation men’s health and well-being

Clinically proven, affordable treatments for common problems, delivered to your door. Less stigma, clearer information, more convenience, better results.

Licensed medication
Carbon neutral
Flexible subscriptions

Sons treatment plans are up to 50% more cost effective than high street pharmacies and clinics

Hair loss

Sons hair loss treatments are clinically proven to keep and grow hair in over 90% of men.

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"In my experience, the treatments on offer with Sons include the most effective medical treaments available to treat male pattern hair loss."

Dr Knut Moe

Medical Director

Gut health

Sons gut health probiotic supplement is clinically proven in more than 50 human trials.

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“The gut microbiome is one of the most exciting areas of research in human biology today. We are only just uncovering how important your gut microbes are for every aspect of your health, from belly to brain.”

Dr Rauri Robertson

Gut Health Specialist

Brain Health

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Immune Health

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