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How to encourage new hair growth

14 April 2022
3-minute read

How to encourage new hair growth 

There are no two ways about it - coming to terms with hair loss is tough. To get your hairline back on track, developing good habits and being consistent with your treatment could be beneficial. So, here are five top tips you can use in addition to your Sons' treatment to stimulate the growth of your hair.

Eat well 

For hair follicles to grow and thrive, they require a broad range of healthy nutrients. If you’re not eating well and don’t have a regular source of vitamins and nutrients, you shouldn’t expect your hair to do well. Ensure each meal of the day is rich in vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, and oily fish if you want to give your hair the best possible chance of growing back. Due to the fact that hair is predominantly made up of a protein known as keratin, supplementing your diet with protein is also a good idea. 

Stay hydrated 

In addition to eating healthily, you need to make sure you’re taking on enough water throughout the day to promote hair growth. It’s widely accepted that you should be drinking between 2.7 and 3.7 litres of water each day to stay healthy. As far as hair loss is concerned, drinking insufficient amounts of water can lead to dry and brittle hair that snaps much more easily. Given that 60% of the body is comprised of water, it’s little surprise that it’s so important for the growth of your hair. 

Exercise often 

While it’s all too easy to slip into bad habits where exercise is concerned, spending too much time sitting around can negatively impact the growth of your hair. Conversely, exercising often enhances blood circulation, improves heart health, and ensures the hair follicles on your head receive sufficient nutrients that stimulate growth. If you’re struggling to find time for exercise, consider walking, running, or cycling to work. Exercising each day is also known to reduce your stress levels, which may also stimulate hair growth.  

Eliminate bad habits 

If you’re serious about seeing hair growth results, eliminate as many bad habits as you can. It’s been known for a long time that drinking and smoking excessively are bad for your general health, not just your hair. Studies have found that alcohol can lead to nutrient deficiency, which negatively impacts the growth and health of your hair follicles. Numerous studies have also discovered links between tobacco and hair loss, as nicotine plays a role in disrupting the growth cycle. While you don’t need to live like a monk, quitting smoking and reducing your alcohol consumption can help where hair loss is concerned. 

Supplement consistently 

In addition to following a good diet and regularly exercising, starting a hair loss treatment plan is one of the best ways to support the health of your hair. At Sons, our full works treatment plan consists of Finasteride, Minoxidil, Biotin, and DHT-Blocking Shampoo, which work together to treat male pattern hair loss. 

Minoxidil and Finasteride are scientifically-proven medications that are widely used to treat hair loss, while Biotin and our DHT-blocking shampoo can improve the quality of your hair follicles. Your job is simple - be consistent with your application. If you find it difficult to remember to take your treatment, try and align your hair loss supplements with other aspects of your daily routine, such as brushing your teeth. 

While you can’t guarantee that you will see an improvement in the health of your hair, the above tips will certainly give you the best possible chance. Take a consultation today to find out which of our hair loss plans is best suited to you.