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DHT Blocker Shampoo

What is it?

Our shampoo is formulated with saw palmetto which can help reduce levels of DHT in the scalp (a hormone that can cause hair loss).  Our shampoo also contains Argan oil, Iron and Vitamin B3.

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  • During hair loss, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is an androgen hormone that binds to the hair follicles leading to hair shrinkage and loss.  During this process DHT reduces the growth phase of hair which makes the follicles become finer, shorter and eventually in severe/late stage hair loss there the follicles do not exit the growth phase. Our shampoo similar to Finasteride works by blocking DHT and preventing hair loss.

  • This shampoo should be used consistently and applied to your scalp. Wash your hair with your normal routine and apply a large volume to ensure full scalp coverage. Leave for 1 minute before washing off to ensure scalp penetration.

  • 250ml packed with the following ingredients.

    • Saw Palmetto
    • Argan Oil
    • Iron
    • Vitamin B3/Niacin
    • Cedarwoord Oil
    • Hibiscus
    • Amla Oil
    • Sage Oil
    • Rosemary Leaf Oil