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Gut Health Supplement - LP299V

Gut Health Supplement - LP299V


Our clinically proven live bacterial supplement treats digestive troubles and improves the general condition and health of the gut. Each monthly plan contains 30 capsules - one to be taken orally every day.

Who's it for?

Men wanting to improve their general gut health and/or treat abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and other IBS symptoms. If you’re experiencing discomfort, then this gut bacteria supplement was designed for you.


9/10 men


4 weeks

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  • LP299V® binds to the cells in your gut wall using a connection called a mannose receptor. This binding encourages the lining of the gut to produce mucus which helps to strengthen the gut wall. This protects your gut against irritation and attack from bad bacteria.

  • Take one tablet each day at a regular time - this contains the recommended dose of Sons LP299v® (10 billion CFU per day) as this dose has shown to have the optimal health benefits in clinical studies.

  • Each monthly subscription contains:

    • 30 x live bacterial supplement capsules
  • Alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, clinical studies have shown that Sons LP299v® improves symptoms of IBS (and generally improves gut health) after 4 weeks of daily usage.

  • Do you suffer from an upset stomach? Usually the discomfort, unwanted gas and bloating you’re experiencing is actually happening within your gastrointestinal system, i.e. your gut. Our Gut Health Supplement is designed to strengthen your gut wall and provide defence against irritation and attack from bad bacteria. You should take our live probiotic supplement to improve your gut health and general wellbeing.