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Clinically proven
hair loss
treatments direct
to your door

Sons hair loss treatments keep and grow hair in over 90% of men. Plans are affordable, tailored to you, and delivered to your door each month.

UK licensed medication

Ongoing medical support

Cancel anytime

Sons treatment plans are 50% more cost effective than high street pharmacies and clinics

Which plan?

Mild to moderate hair loss

Receding at the temples and/or thinning on the crown

Full works

Combination range that halts hair loss, increases growth and improves hair quality that requires medical consultation and prescription


9/10 men

Time for results

3-12 months

Preventative treatment

Early stage prevention and maintenance


Prevents hair loss, increases growth and improves hair quality


2/3 men

Time for results

3-12 months

When will I start
seeing results?

3 Months

It takes some time for changes to become visible. Some men will shed more fine hairs than normal, but this is only temporary.

6 Months

Hair loss may have considerably slowed or stopped completely. Some people see signs of regrowth, primarily at the crown of the head

9 Months

As the medication continues to work, miniaturised hairs will be replaced by thicker healthier hairs which leads to a gradual improvement in hair density over time

Not sure what's best for you?

Don't just take our
word for it...

1 month


6 months

"Sons have taken away the worry about losing my hair. They offer a convenient subscription model with products that are working really well for me and I'm only 6 months in."

Richard, 32

1 month

5 months

“Losing my hair at a young age was a big knock to my self-confidence. Sons’ convenient, affordable products genuinely work, I am beyond happy with the results seen so far and look forward to seeing more improvements in the next few months. I feel more confident in the way my hair looks than I have done in years.”

James, 23

1 months

6 Months

"I’ve been using the Son’s full works package daily for the last 6 months… I knew the products were making a difference. However, it wasn’t until I took my 6-month progress shot that I realised the true effect they’d had on my hair. "

Jake, 26

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by science

"I have treated thousands of men with male pattern hair loss, I know from my direct experience that Sons offer the most effective treatments on the market."

For any medical related queries please contact

Dr Knut Moe
Medical Director

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How it works

1. Choose your treatment plan

Select from four treatment plans, built using our comprehensive range of effective products.

2. Complete assessment

Complete a free online questionnaire with one of our trained physicians.

3. Delivered to your door

We'll deliver the products to your door monthly, free of charge, in discreet recyclable packaging.

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